Green Brook Flood Control Project, Segment T

The Green Brook Flood Control Segment T Project included 18,000 CY Earth & Roadway Excavation, 34,000 CY Embankment and Levee Construction, 4,500 CY contaminated material. Removal and Disposal, 1,631 Ton Bituminous Pavement Road Construction, 266 CY CIP Concrete Pump Station, Generator Building Construct., 1,231 CY CIP Concrete Flood Walls, Pedestrian Bridge Constr., 1,285 LF of 54″ Sanitary Sewer Pipe with Precast and CIP Structures, 2400 LF 12″ to 60″ Storm Sewer Pipe and Structures, 145 LF of 10’x6′ Box Culvert, 850 LF of 4″ HDPE Gas Collection System, 200 LF of 66″ Diameter Tunnel Construction, Metal Roller Gate, Concrete Curb & Sidewalks, Gabion Mats & Rip Rap Construction, Electrical Work.

United States Army Corp. of Engineers


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