Doremus Avenue Reconstruction and Widening

The Reconstruction and Widening of Doremus avenue included 7,200 LF of Roadway Construction including Concrete Curb and Sidewalk; 47,500 Ton of Super-pave Installation; 35,000 CY Roadway Excavation; 45,000 CY Disposal of Regulated Waste; 43,833 SY of Subbase, DGA & Geotextile Fabric; 364 LF of 30″ to 64″ Tunnel Construction; 6,340 LF of 8″ to 54″ Storm Sewer Pipe & Structures; 8 Storm Water Treatment Structures; 968 LF of Concrete Encasement; 3,415 LF of Landscape Wall; 6,972 LF of 20″ Water Main Pipe and Appurtenances; 4 C.I.P. Concrete Outfall Headwalls; Gas Relocations; Traffic Lights, Timber Piles and Chain Link Fence Installation.



Green Brook Flood Control Project Segment R-1

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